As the URL tells you, I am Dan Doan. 
Presently an experience designer at Microsoft, working on envisioning and strategic initiatives for the BAPI suite of products (Business Applications, Platform and Intelligence). I design forward thinking data experiences on emerging hardware and virtual reality platforms across Microsoft. My work currently leans towards the high level vision, storytelling, and design strategy side of things. But I am more than capable of pushing pixels and implementing detailed design.
Previously a digital product designer on Microsoft Power BI. Before that, I was an intern at Schema, an information design firm. And before that, I graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Design.
I am interested in natural user interface, content strategy, and innovations in food design. In my off time I enjoy fantasy football, drinks served in pineapples, and thinking up how I would have won the aluminum foil Quickfire challenge from Top Chef Seattle.
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In my natural environment, circa 2014.