Hey there. I am Dan Doan, a product designer from Seattle, Washington. ✌🏼

Currently working at Microsoft, designing the next generation cloud and other innovative data experiences. Check out some of my past work below. Hit me up with any questions or cool opportunities for collaboration.

Microsoft Power BI
Interactive data analytics and visualization tools for business intelligence
IA, Interaction Design, Motion Design, Product Design, UI, UX,
A wearable concept with integrated sensors to keep young people safe while out partying
IoT, Interaction Design, Product Design, UX, Wearables
A series of interactive data visualizations for the return of hip hop duo OutKast
Data Visualization, Interaction Design, UI, UX
A Google Glass app designed to record and interpret the memorable everyday moments of your life
Data Visualization, Interaction Design, Product Design, UX, Wearables
Punch Permutations
Tools to explore flavors and generate recipes of the classic mixed drink, punch
Food Experience Design, Industrial Design, Interaction Design, UX