NUI in the Classroom
    Natural User Interfaces — DES 384
    3 weeks, Winter 2012
    Candice Adams (Interaction Design)
    Enrique Dominguez (Interaction Design)
    Ashley Lehning (Interaction Design)
    MY ROLE:
    Problem Development, Storyboarding, Research, Filming and Editing
  • With a 5–7 year scope, we explored how natural user interfaces could be used to enhance the classroom for elementary school students and teachers. This project focuses on the problem of maintaining student engagement and reducing the amount of mundane teacher responsibilities. We explore the idea of a smart classroom that works as a tool for the teacher, not an artifical replacement for one.Through field studies and teacher interviews, we recognized early on how important a human presence is for the students.
  • An early exploration of how motion gestures could be used and how that can create new ways of posing questions to the class.
  • Tablet sensors can show when a student is struggling with a problem or raising their hand, and notify the teacher for help if they are already assisting elsewhere.
  • The platform frees up teachers from tasks like attendance and tracking grades, allowing them more time to engage directly with the class.
    The students are able to learn quicker and pay more attention by receiving immediate feedback on their assignments from the system.
  • The classroom utilizes motion sensors and eye tracking, allowing teachers to quickly distribute info to their students.
  • Personalized tablets allow students to pinpoint interesting subjects and learn more about them or slow it down to their own pace.
  • The tablets can merge together, allowing for student collaboration. Assignments can easily be made for subjects, like math, sciences, and English.
  • The teacher's tablet displays live classroom data, including attendance, grades, attention levels and student questions. Teachers can use this to rearrange seats, assign homework, and send announcements home.
Designing an immersive experience for the elementary classroom using a natural user interface.
Interaction Design, UI/UX, Natural User Interface
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