Fundamentals of Interaction Design — DES 383
    3 weeks, Winter 2012
    Sam Cook (Interaction Design)
    Willie Franklin (Interaction Design)
    Nick Stoermer (Interaction Design)
    MY ROLE:
    Problem articulation, UX Mockups, Storyboarding and Research
  • With Backpack, we tried to make sense of how cloud computing is used and understood today. We took that information to make our own product, that was more intuitive for users to track their cloud data and see what was happening with it. Currently, people store and use a lot of data in the cloud, whether it's email, Netflix, Google Docs, Dropbox, iCloud, etc. We wanted to make accessing this data a seamless experience.
    Backpack turns your mobile phone into a key, unlocking different devices and granting them access to your personal data. Any device can become your device with the relevant data pushed to your home desktop, friend’s Xbox, public workstation, or shared tablet. This eliminates the need to own and protect heavy, expensive computers and lets you concentrate on getting the job done.
    The focus of Backpack isn’t on the organization or sharing of your files, but on the transportation and connectivity of this personal data to the electronics you use. Our goal is to create a seamless, simple, secure, and personal cloud experience for users and their data. 
  • Preliminary UI sketches for ways to initialize devices to a user's backpack. This specifically was an exploration into how to choose what content goes to each device, like music, photos, websites and documents..
  • Above and below are some preliminary sketches for the video and device interactions.
  • Behind the scenes of filming video demo.
  • Backpack links together all your devices to your online cloud storage and loading the appropriate programs, files, and preferences.
  • Backpack is controlled from the phone, allowing users to grant different devices access to their cloud.
  • Using Backpack is a simple as drag and drop. Nearby devices are shown on the outer ring and devices that are synced to your cloud are shown on the bottom. Drag icons from the outer ring to the center to connect and flick them away from the bottom to release them.
  • With Backpack, your data, apps, OS and computing power all live in the cloud, so any device you access will instantly acquire your preferences, files and apps. This means you don't need to remember to sync anything, drag around expensive equipment, and can just pick up where you left off.
  • Devices like cameras use Backpack to store photos directly to the cloud, making it immediately available to other connected devices for editing, viewing, or sharing.
A mobile platform concept allowing you to transport your personal data and connect it to different devices.
Interaction Design, Product Design, UI/UX
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