Journalyst is an app for Google Glass designed for you to capture moments of  your day to revisit in a digital journal. It records short video clips, which are tagged by the day, location and a range of emotions. At a larger scale, we envision the categorization of places by the common feelings they evoke and hope to provide this data to urbanists, city planners, and developers.
Journalyst is currently in private beta. You can check out a demo and sign up for it here.
My Role:
Conceptualization, research, user experience (on Glass), wireframing, prototyping, and video production.
Media Coverage:
Core77, November 2014
View Demo:
This is an internal project, which began as a design exploration of Google Glass as a new UX platform. A key feature distinguishing it from traditional mobile devices is that it is always on and always on your face. The unique first person perspective creates a more intimate footage, putting viewers directly in your shoes. Even the most ordinary moments of your day has a story to tell.
Interactions on Journalyst consist of three key parts: capturing moments, tagging how you feel, and sharing with friends.
The app follows with you as you go throughout your day. You'll receive notifications to record upon arriving at a new location. The clips are short and serve as a memento of who you were with, what you were doing there and how you felt.
Glassware apps are designed to be simple, fast and lightweight. From initial notification to upload, interactions with Journalyst take just a few seconds to complete. 
As you use Journalyst, you'll begin to amass a library of moments of your life. These clips are stored online and can be sorted and viewed in three different ways, by day, by feeling, and by place.
On the places tab, you'll begin to populate a map everywhere you've gone and your emotional state. The longer and more frequently you use Journalyst, the more you'll be able to view trends of your day and reflect on these captured moments.
We forsee analyzing this data for various purposes. This emotional data could be used for retail planning or even possible medical applications, such as for people with developmental issues.
During the research process, we didn't have enough Google Glasses for each person to have one. So, we used our phones instead for prototyping. Our footage was hosted on a shared team Instagram account.
In this early prototype, instead of just simple reminders, we tried sending prompts of things for people to photograph in their immediate area. We sent ambiguous quotes and phrases, which forced people to stop, take in the moment, and try to find something that would fit in with the prompt. To mimic the reminders, a Google Calendar was set up to text alerts every two hours. 
Some really early sketches of the web interface, inspired by digital photo albums, like iPhoto. Meant to highlight each day, as well as give a quick recap of all the different places visited.
An early mock of the video summary overlay. This highlights all of the clips recorded that day, emotion tagged and location visited. They all play back to back in a continuous stream, creating one longer video from many shorter clips.

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