A series of interactive data visualizations for the return of hip hop duo OutKast

Data Visualization, Interaction Design, UI, UX
In January 2014, after a 7 year hiatus, Outkast members Big Boi and André 3000 announced an international, 20 festival headlining, reunion tour including Coachella, Sasquatch, and Governors Ball. In an ongoing collaboration with Outkast, we at Schema have created several data visualizations to promote their festival tour and increase audience engagement with the hip hop duo.
OutKast (Yeah, that OutKast)
My Role:
Project Roadmap, Visual Design, Prototyping, and Research, and Production.
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Our first visualization, the Hypemap, monitors Twitter for tweets that mention Outkast, Big Boi, and André 3000. This data is then visualized as a heatmap based on location and frequency. The app works in real time, with live tweets popping up as they are posted. Users are able to see changes in Hypemap activity over the last 7 days using the slider. 
Check out the Hypemap in action here.
This gif highlights the weekend of the CounterPoint Music Festival, from April 26th-29th, which took place just outside of Outkast's home turf of Atlanta, GA. While there are some major heat points in metropolitan areas like Houston, Los Angeles, and New York City, you can clearly see a lot of activity happening right at the CounterPoint Festival and its surrounding area.
The Hypemap is built using different technologies, including JavaScript, on top of a customized MapBox base layer. A portion of my work for this included designing and coding the basemap using TileMill and researching and gathering location data for major world cities and creating call outs to the festival tour venues.
The Instaradar, is the second of our visualizations focusing on Instagram photos tagged with Outkast. The app visualizes the images based on time and location in a spining radar. An image's position about the circumference shows when it was posted. The distance from the center indicates how far from a festival the image was posted.
At the bottom users can select from one the 20 different festivals that Outkast is headlining to see where the most photos were taken. Users can also mouse over an photo to get a closer look and click on it to read the post in detail. 
 You can interact with the Instaradar live here.
We experimented with different ways to visualize Instagram's iconic square photos before ending up in the radar format. With the focus on Instagram activity, we researched what metadata was available to us in the API and found time and location to be the most interesting and dynamic to visualize and create comparisons.

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