Microsoft Power BI

Interactive data analytics and visualization tools for business intelligence

IA, Interaction Design, Motion Design, Product Design, UI, UX,
In short, Power BI is Microsoft's cloud based, self-service, business intelligence suite. Power BI makes it simple to import, shape, and distill complex data into interactive dashboards and reports. From these visualizations, we enable users to gain insights and make informed, data based decisions.
My Role:
My work on Power BI has encompassed UI, UX, and IA, for desktop, web, and mobile. Over my first year as a contractor I primarily designed and implemented features for product. I worked with PM, engineering, and research to implement and validate designs before shipping them. I've also created marketing collateral, internal morale content, and some motion design, as seen in this short lived loading icon
My current team is a bit more oblique and blue sky. We collaborate with product teams across Microsoft to explore how Power BI can be leveraged on new hardware and software platforms. It focuses more on storytelling and scenario development rather than putting pixels to an artboard.
Learn More:
Power BI product page
Design team on dribbble
Recent Projects:
You'll find below a few feature I've designed for Power BI. Any current or exploratory work is protected by NDA. Please reach out for more information or any in-depth design process.
Row-Level Security for Power BI
Admin tools for managing data permissions and controlling access to content
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Power BI for Surface Hub
Presentation and storytelling of your data on large touchscreens
(Full case study coming soon. Enjoy this write up on the Microsoft Blog in the meantime 🙏🏼)

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