I am a product designer from Seattle, WA.
I am currently employed at Webflow creating low-code, no-code tool‍s to democratize web design.
I was previously at Podium, building an SMS marketing platform for small, local businesses.
I was at Microsoft before that, working on Power BI, an enterprise data visualization platform.
I also spent time on an innovation team, envisioning data experiences for business applications.

A reflection of my trash tastes in life and design.

I interned at Schema, a design agency, working with clients like Amgen, Bloomberg, and OutKast. (Yeah, the rappers).
I studied Interaction Design in college, graduating from the University of Washington in 2014 with a Bachelor of Design.
I spend most of my free time lifting heavy weights, searching for cheap flights, and warming up my vocal cords for karaoke at sketchy dive bars.
Recent projects and case studies are available upon request. In the meantime, please download my résumé to view a more detailed work history.
Find me elsewhere online via LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, or Cash App.
Hope to hear from you soon. ✌🏼