Presentation mode for Power BI optimizes the storytelling experience on large touchscreen devices.
My role:
Concept development, user experience, visual design, and research.
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Presentation mode documentation
Microsoft Transform: Power BI and King5 news
Why presentation mode?
Power BI is widely available on many platforms including, web, desktop, mobile, and even Apple Watch. Generally, they're personalized experiences for individual users. From our customers, we discovered a need for Power BI to also exist in shared, semi-public areas like meeting rooms, open workspaces, and hallways. In these use cases, the app shifts from a focus on consumption and authoring to a pure storytelling and presentation experience.
My team was tasked with envisioning how Power BI could work on the newly released Surface Hub. Its massive touchscreen display and Surface pens make it ideal for collaboration, presentation, or ambient information in shared spaces. 

With the massive 84 inch touchscreen, Power BI reports can take centerstage of a meeting. Anyone can become John Madden and annotate directly on the visuals, keeping everyone's attention on the data story.

Less chrome, more content:
To focus on presentations, we stripped down Power BI to just the UI essentials. Gone are the complex panes for writing formulas, modeling data, and building dashboards. What remains are easy to use page navigation and simple controls for pen and ink. When not in use, the action bars minimize away giving even less visual distraction.
Share the spotlight:
By having two action bars on opposite sides, multiple people can present and annotate at once. No one has to walk across and block the screen from its viewers. We called this "The Vanna White Effect".

The four states of the presentation mode chrome: collapsed, exposed, expanded ink, and page navigation.

Microsoft partnered with local news station KING 5 to showcase Power BI presentation mode during the 2016 presidential primary. The news crew at can provide live commentary to tell a compelling story of the election. 

These visualizations and numbers update live as votes are tallied for each ballot measure and candidate.

KING 5 reporter David Espinosa-Hall using pen and ink to give his analysis of how Washingtonian voted this past election.

In depth process documentation and explorations are under NDA. Please reach out to find out more.

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